Matthew A. Fraiberg Appointed to MIDC Advisory Group

At Fraiberg & Pernie, we are pleased to congratulate our very own Matthew A. Fraiberg on his 2-year appointment to the Oakland County Bar Association’s Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC).

As a member of the MIDC Advisory Group, Attorney Fraiberg will assist the OCBA’s Professional Development Director with annual training and identify and recruit relevant and interesting speakers.

What Is OCBA?

OCBA stands for the Oakland County Bar Association, the largest voluntary bar association in Michigan. The OCBA helps attorneys across the county and state improve themselves, the legal profession, and the communities they live in.

With committees, courses, tools, resources, education, and connections, the OCBA empowers each member to achieve their professional goals.

What Is MIDC?

MIDC stands for the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. Created in 2013, “the MIDC works to ensure the state’s public defense system is fair, cost-effective and constitutional while simultaneously protecting public safety and accountability.”

The MIDC works closely with the OCBA and helps ensure all public defenders can successfully fulfill their duties. Under the MIDC, the OCBA is the sole provider of continuing legal education (CLE) classes for criminal defense attorneys serving indigent clients in Oakland County.

The MIDC Advisory Group helps provide this important training.

Who Is Matthew A. Fraiberg?

Matthew A. Fraiberg is a criminal defense and family law attorney and a founding partner at Fraiberg & Pernie. He has been practicing law since 1997 and has former experience as a city prosecutor and judicial clerk.

Due to his recent appointment, Attorney Fraiberg is also a member of the MIDC Advisory Group and plays an important role within the OCBA and Michigan’s legal community.

Attorney Fraiberg is deeply familiar with the criminal justice system and can work within the courts to obtain the best possible results for his clients. He is also actively involved in improving Michigan’s legal system for all defendants.

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