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The criminal justice system is a complicated network of laws, regulators, legal professionals, agencies, and courts. When you are accused of a serious crime, it can be intimidating to find yourself in the middle of it all. By retaining the services of our Birmingham and Oak Park criminal defense lawyers from Fraiberg & Pernie, you equip yourself with all the legal experience you need to make it through this difficult time.

We are closely familiar with the courts and judges all throughout Birmingham, Oakland County, and the surrounding region. This is a significant advantage for our clients. Many criminal defense case results boil down to an individual judge’s discretion and a specific court’s rules. Our familiarity with how things work around here often means the difference between a harsh conviction and a case dismissal, not guilty verdict, or charge reduction. 

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Oakland County Circuit Court

Located in Pontiac, Michigan, the Oakland County Circuit Court is the 6th Circuit Court for the State of Michigan. The Oakland County Circuit Court ( is where all felony criminal cases are tried and where all convicted felony defendants are sentenced when a felony charge is filed in Oakland County. As experienced Oakland County felony lawyers, we have dealt with many felony cases in the 6th Circuit.

The Judges of the Oakland County 6th Circuit Court are:

  • Honorable Victoria Valentine
  • Honorable Martha D. Anderson
  • Honorable Yasmine Poles
  • Honorable Rae Lee Chabot
  • Honorable Nanci J. Grant
  • Honorable Kwame Rowe
  • Honorable Shalina D. Kumar
  • Honorable Denise Langford Morris
  • Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews
  • Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen
  • Honorable Daniel P. O’Brien
  • Honorable Jeffrey Mattis
  • Honorable Michael Warren

Located in Detroit, Michigan, the 3rd Circuit Court, Wayne County Circuit Court Criminal Division ( holds court at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

The judges of the 3rd Circuit Court Criminal Division include:

  • Honorable David Allen
  • Honorable Annette Berry
  • Honorable Ulysses Boykin
  • Honorable Margie Braxton
  • Honorable Michael Callahan
  • Honorable James Callahan
  • Honorable James Chylinski
  • Honorable Bill Dean
  • Honorable Vonda Evans
  • Honorable Edward Ewell
  • Honorable Patricia Fresard
  • Honorable David Groner
  • Honorable Cynthia Hathaway
  • Honorable Daniel Hathaway
  • Honorable Michael Hathaway
  • Honorable Thomas Jackson
  • Honorable Vera Massey Jones
  • Honorable Timothy Kenny
  • Honorable Wade McCree
  • Honorable Bruce Morrow
  • Honorable Linda Parker
  • Honorable Lita Popke
  • Honorable Kevin Robbins
  • Honorable Daniel Ryan
  • Honorable Richard Skutt
  • Honorable Virgil Smith
  • Honorable Craig Strong
  • Honorable Lawrence Talon
  • Honorable Deborah Thomas
  • Honorable Carole Youngblood

District Courts & Judges

17th District Court (

  • Redford
  • Honorable Karen Khalil
  • Honorable Charlotte L. Wirth

43rd District Court (

  • Madison Heights
  • Honorable Keith Hunt

43rd District Court (

  • Hazel Park
  • Honorable Judge Brian Hartwell

43rd District Court – 2nd Division (

  • Ferndale
  • Honorable Joseph Longo

44th District Court

  • Royal Oak and Berkley (
  • Honorable Derek Meinecke 

45th District Court (

  • Oak Park
  • Honorable Michelle Friedman Appel
  • Honorable Jaimie Powell Horowitz

46th District Court (

  • Southfield, Lathrup Village, Franklin, Beverly Hills, and Bingham Farms
  • Honorable Cynthia Arvant
  • Honorable Shelia Johnson
  • Honorable Debra Nance

47th District Court (

  • Farmington and Farmington Hills
  • Honorable James Brady
  • Honorable Marla Parker

48th District Court (

  • Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Birmingham, Sylvan Lake, West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, and Keego Harbor
  • Honorable Diane D’Agostini
  • Honorable Marc Barron
  • Honorable Kimberly Small

50th District Court (

  • Pontiac
  • Honorable Ronda Fowlkes Gross
  • Honorable Michael C. Martinez
  • Honorable Cynthia Thomas Walker
  • Honorable Preston G. Thomas

51st District Court (

  • Waterford
  • Honorable Todd Fox
  • Honorable Richard Kuhn

52nd District Court – 1st Division (

  • Novi, Wixom, Milford, Commerce, Highland, and Lyon Township
  • Honorable Robert Bondy
  • Honorable David Law
  • Honorable Travis Reeds

52nd District Court – 2nd Division (

  • Clarkston
  • Honorable Joseph Fabrizio
  • Honorable Kelly Kostin

52nd District Court - 3rd Division (

  • Honorable Julie A. Nicholson
  • Honorable Nancy T. Carniak
  • Honorable Lisa L. Asadoorian

52nd District Court – 4th Division (

  • Troy and Clawson
  • Honorable Kirsten Nielsen Hartig
  • Honorable Maureen McGinnis

Remember: From assault charges to driving while intoxicated charges, our criminal defense attorneys in Oakland County can help shield your rights. Our familiarity with the judges and courts of our region is just one of many ways we empower our clients’ defense cases for success. Call  248-986-2682 now.

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