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Bloomfield Township Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Troy

We Are Here to Help the Accused

Once you’ve been charged with a crime, the worry sets in. There are fears about what will happen next and what the future holds.

Our defense lawyers at Fraiberg & Pernie have seen the criminal justice system from all sides. Matthew A. Fraiberg was once a prosecutor, and Eric L. Pernie worked for over a decade as a police officer. We know how evidence and facts can be reinterpreted to drive up a charge or a conviction.

Now, we have dedicated ourselves to defending metro Detroit residents. We believe that you are innocent until proven otherwise, and we want to help demonstrate your innocence in court.

Don’t wait. Call  248-986-2682 today for help.

Charges We Handle

We are here to listen to your side of the story. Reviewing the evidence, we will work to locate discrepancies in the state’s case.

We provide criminal defense for:

  • Record expungement
  • Violent assault
  • Breaking probation
  • Driver’s license restoration
  • Reckless endangerment with a vehicle
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Drug possession for both adults and minors 

Troy DUI Charges

We are skilled in handling all manner of DUI offenses, both drug- and alcohol-related:

  • OUID
  • OUIL
  • OUIN
  • OWI
  • OWVI
  • OWPD
  • UBAL

Michigan penalizes DUI charges severely. Outside of a criminal prosecution, the accused could face job loss, loss of the right to drive, a criminal record, fines, and incarceration. We don’t want to see your whole world taken away for one simple accusation. Let us defend you and help you keep your life stable.

Our Troy DUI lawyers are just a call or click away. Contact us at  248-986-2682 or  online .

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