Attorney Matthew A. Fraiberg Featured in 910AM Superstation Segment

Attorney Matthew A. Fraiberg of Fraiberg & Pernie sat down with District Court Judge Debra Nance on 910AM Superstation’s “Your Best Chance with Judge Nance” to discuss what individuals should and shouldn’t do if they are stopped by police or involved in an accident.

The show’s other guest, Police Chief Brian Bassett, began the segment by talking about the Southfield Police Department’s Please Stop Me program, which simulates a traffic stop in a safe and controlled environment to allow new drivers to experience being pulled over. Officers also explain to participants the common reasons a driver is stopped and how to handle car accidents.

Chief Basset stated that despite driver training, many young people are scared or nervous when they see the flashing lights of a police car behind them, and, because of this, they fail to make correct decisions.

Mr. Fraiberg agreed that when confronted with a stressful situation, fearful drivers make costly mistakes. He told listeners to make sure their actions during a traffic stop don’t cause alarm to officers because that could escalate the situation.

His tips for drivers include:

  • Find a safe place to pull over
  • Stay in the car
  • Be courteous to the officer
  • Keep hands on the wheel
  • Turn interior lights on at night

He also noted that, after an accident, many young drivers don’t know what to do and often flee. However, by doing so, they end up in more trouble had they just stayed at the scene. Not only do they receive a traffic ticket for the accident, but they are also charged with a misdemeanor for leaving.


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